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A place for Access/SQL Server solutions

        Form Solutions:

Open a second form to the record chosen on the first form

Open a second form to the record chosen on the first, but have all records available

The Selections in one Combo Box are Dependent on Another

Use a multiselect listbox to add records to a table

Make one control visible based on another

Use OpenArgs to pass values from one form to another

Stay on the same record after a requery

Validate data before saving

Autofill fields from another table

        Query Solutions:

Get a value from the previous record

Get the information from the most recent record

Find records overlapping a given date range

        Report Solutions:

Use a multiselect listbox to filter a report


Writing your first VBA

Creating your first function

Error Handling (Trapping)

Using the Immediate Window

Using Option Explicit

        FAQ and Samples Section:

Index of FAQ's

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