Remain on a Selected Record After Requerying Form

Sometimes you need to requery a form to refresh the data it contains, but you want to remain on the record you're currently on rather than having focus go to the first record, which is the normal behavior after a requery.  One method involves using a bookmark.  The guts of the code:

 Dim lngPK As Long 'change data type if yours is different

'set variable to current record ID
lngPK = Me.EmpID

'return form to original record
With Me.RecordsetClone
  .FindFirst "EmpID = " & lngPK

  'if your key field is text use this line instead
  '.FindFirst "EmpID = " & Chr(34) & lngPK & Chr(34)
  If .NoMatch Then 'just in case another user deleted it in the interim
    MsgBox "Record not found!", vbCritical
  Else 'go to that record
    Me.Bookmark = .Bookmark
  End If
End With

Thanks to Tom van Stiphout for his improvements to my earlier method!

And a sample to show the process in action:

Requery with bookmark sample db